What is PQS?

PQS is a well-established International English Language Proficiency Exam, used to determine English language proficiency of individuals who want to study or work in English-medium environments..

Who Accept PQS Assessments?

Thousands of institutions all over the world use PQS exams to determine language level of their candidates. PQS is a member of internationally recognized ALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe) and EAQUALS, international gold standard accreditation of language centres.

What Is the Difference between Academic and General Education Modules?

PQS has two mainstream modules: Academic and General Education. Academic exam works best for candidates who want to study in English-speaking countries. General Education module is best for candidates who want to use exam results for work experience, and admission to training and education programs.

At What Frequency Can I Get the Exam?

You can apply and have the exam as many times as you want to.

Availability of the Exam?

The exam is readily available for any appropriate date and any time.

What is the Exam Fee?

You can find the fee details in our online registration system. You can use different currencies to make payments.

What is Exam Structure and What is the Duration of the Exam?

PQS Exams have all four skills and includes Use of English and Vocabulary besides Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. These subtests can be customized depending on the needs of the examinee. As per your needs, you can opt out of any skill you do not want to be testedH for. Total duration of the exam varies between 40 to 80 minutes depending on the level tested.

What Should I Do If I Want to Cancel or Postpone My Exam?

We cannot cancel the exam after the payment is made (You get the username and the password for the exam).

How Long Does It Take the Approval Email?

An automatic PQS exam summary that contains reference number required for the payment is sent to your registered email address.

Which Documents Are Needed for the Application?

There will be no document requirement. You will only need the information you provided and the ID for the exam.

When Do I Get My Exam Results and How Long Is an Exam Result Valid?

You can see your results just after the exam. The exam results do not have a set expiry date. Many companies or institutions may require a new assessment after two years has passed. You can use your results any time you need.

How Do I Get My Exam Result Document?

You will get the results online as soon as the exam finishes. You will need to pay for postage if you want an original hardcopy of the exam result. Please contact us at info@pqsglobal.org to request an original hardcopy.

Who Accept PQS GLOBAL Exams?

PQS GLOBAL exams are accepted by innumerable state and private institutions globally. We are associate member of ALTE and are accredited by EAQUALS.

I Think My Results Have Been Miscalculated.

You can apply for examination of your results within one week of the exam date. Exam results are calculated at the highest standards utilizing most recent digital technology. We monitor for anomalies.

When Can I Retake the Exam at the Earliest?

You can have the exam again any time you want. You will be tested on an equivalent exam, and not the same questions.

What If I Lose My Exam Result Document?

You can contact us at info@pqsglobal.org if you want a new exam result document.

Who decides the ‘Pass’ Grade in PQS Exam?

Our team of experts continuously monitor exam scores, compare them to other established exams and decide the difficulty level of exams. As these levels are already established, the examinee gets A certificate of attendance below 60 and gets certificate of achievement for 60 and over.

How Are the Exams Scored?

The total score is the combination of raw scores of subtests.

What Should I Bring to Enter Speaking Exam?

You will need to show the ID you used during PQS exam registration.

What Is a Speaking Exam?

This is an interview with a speaking assessment specialist. The test consists of four parts and is recorded for assessment, evaluation, and proof.

How many Accents Are Used in Listening and Speaking Exams?

There is no set number or type of accent. As the PQS addresses global audience, the examinee can encounter a variety of the known accents.

At What Level Does the Exam Start?

There are four skills in a normal exam, and you can start with any of them. You will encounter a set of questions that depend on the type of exam you choose during the application.

Is the Exam Completed in One Day?

Listening, Reading, Vocabulary and Use of English are taken together without intervals. Writing and Speaking exams are taken separately and you get your results within 24 hours.

Can I Change Speaking Exam Date?

As the exam is carried out live and we make arrangements with our specialists to allocate slots for you, you need approval before you can change the date of the exam. Please contact with us in good time to avoid any disappointment.