Providing a variety of services for individuals and institutions, PQS is an Educational Platform specifically designed for you. It bears characteristics individualized for students, teachers and schools. Our services cover a wide variety of materials for students, teachers, schools and other businesses.

For Students
Study at your pace and your level. Get one of out level tests and choose from one of our various courses to prepare for your English exam.

For Teachers
Using our rich material resources suitable for your coursebook, find the appropriate online study materials in seconds. Check their progress and compose your digital educational materials with our management infrastructure.

For Schools
Create classrooms using our online school, add students and teachers to the classes. Manage your school using our quick and simple to use mechanism. Use our customizable interface to make the platform look like your own platform.

For Businesses
Choose from our rich variety of professionally developed courses to improve English level of your employees. Request customized courses to meet your individualized needs.
Personelinizin İngilizce seviyesini geliştirmek için iş İngilizce uzmanları tarafından yazılan kurs yelpazemizi kullanın. Çalışanlarınız için özelleştirilmiş kurslar oluşturmamızı isteyin.


PQS GLOBAL has been an associate member of EAQUALS (Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality Language Services), an internationally recognized gold standard accreditation institution.
A European institution, EAQUALS accredits foreign language schools using a multifaceted assessment to increase the quality of language education throughout the world. Established in 1991, EAQUALS provides consultancy services to Council of Europe on language teaching policies and cooperates with many leading international institutions in education sector. EAQUALS gives trainings and education at international level in such areas as curriculum, teaching and learning, teacher training, assessment, and school management. EAQUALS has 136 members from many countries.

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