PQS Speaking Exam is a face-to-face online assessment of speaking skill. This exam helps candidates decide at what level they are and where to go by assessing their level in an exact way.

PQS Speaking Exam covers all CEFR language competence levels, from Pre-A1 to C2. Questions, topics, ideas or leads are shared at the appropriate level concerned.

 The exam covers;

-      Introduction; the examiner starts the conversation

-      Speaking; authentic conversation, knowledge and idea share at the appropriate level.

-      A Specific stimulus to elicit output within an expected range of performance is given.

-      Topic: the candidate chooses a topic of hers/his before the exam.

-      Interactive Task: Examiner’s request starts the conversation led by the candidate.

How are you marked?

-      Choices of lexicon, structure, and discourse etc.

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